LakeHouse Season II

UnTwins 2010

UnTwins 2010

Destin, FLA

The hands-down favorite shot from our Florida vacation—Hope and Alec take the beach in Destin.

A Good 3Days

This past Memorial Day Weekend was one the smoothest of recent memory…annnd relaxing. As per the norm, my days were completely fucked up—Sunday “feels like a” Saturday and Monday “feels like a” Sunday—and it was HOT.AS.HELL.

We spent Saturday Sunday with some great friends we hadn’t seen in awhile; lotsa drinks and “smokes” to go around, with a pool to cool off with and lounge in and around. Played Baggo… a silly little beanbag toss game that seems to have a sliding difficulty level based on how many drinks you’ve had—also turns out my 9yo Alec totally kicks ass at Baggo… beginners luck. And what day wouldn’t be complete in our lives without the screams, shrill laughing and tattle-taling from 7 children. Did I mention there were drinks and “smokes”?

Finished up with a great feast that Allan and Susan probably spent way too much time preparing for us. Thanks guys… Good times!