A Toltec Field Trip


Alec and I finished his school project on Native American mound builders—complete with diorama. The diorama turned out much better than I had anticipated. Though it took the longest to create, I’m most proud of the fire pit.

There Was No Crying

It’s refreshing to see the kids playing outside… nerf blasters, a big pile of dirt and a few well placed trees provided hours of entertainment today. The heat this Summer has made it, quite honestly, miserable to be outside for even a few minutes—suffice it to say, the kids have played a lot of video games this season. So, with the cooler temperatures of the last week, it’s been nice to see them get back to some good, clean, outdoor fun. Well, maybe not too clean.

Alecs’ First Book Report

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The characters name is Gregory he has a horrible life and he wants to change it. Like his dad is trying to go on a diet but he gets extra cranky. One morning he accidently fell back to sleep trust me he’ll never make that mistake again. What he is trying to do is get on the air vent and he said it’s way better than in bed. But the problem is when it goes off he’s just laying on a cold piece of metal.

He has another brother named Rodrick he’s the biggest kid. So he’s really mean in one part Rodrick gets Gregory and sticks his head in his armpit and I bet it stinks really bad. Also in another part Gregory goes into his room and Rodick said he is going to kill him. But this uther charecter named Heffly grabs his leg and says to Gregory run. Then Rodrick says get off baby hippo and it was funny.

Almost in the end of the book Gregory is trying for the comic. But Heffly gets in and it makes him sad. So he’s stuck with hall monitor. But one day they’re walking on the side walk these mean teenagers are coming by and Gregory throws all the children in a big ditch and they don’t see them. But a mean old lady sees him and boy does he get in trouble. He loses his job and at the end of the book they get in the yearbook for cutest friends.

What Do You Dream?

“I dream that I’m the President of the United States of America. I will be honest, help others and do what I am told. People might think I won’t be able to do it but I think I can. I can study hard, help other people and do my chores. That is my dream of being the President of the United States of America. My plan on doing this is to learn how to be a president, learn all the presidents and see what they do to be a president. Presidents have to be fair, honest and smart and I’m all that stuff. I plan on being the president for 8 years that would be a pretty long time to be the president. The most important thing to do is to get good grades and study hard. Then I might be able to acomplish being the President of the United States of America. The problems I might have not had enough votes to be president or somebody might shoot me. People might not like me and not vote for me at all. I might not be able to be the president. I might already be dead when it’s time to run for president. Maybe I’ll forget my dream and not even want to be the President of the USA. It will be worth it. I would go through all of this just to be the president. My mom and dad will be proud. Then I might even be the President of the United States!! That is my dream of being the President of the United States.”                                                                                           — Alec (8 years)

Sick Day… Not

Sick Day

This is what we do on a day home from school… a sick day. In her defense; she did have a fever the night before. However, that fever went away quickly on this warm, sunny afternoon. So we made the best of it and had fun.

Tanner and Cooper

After years of unsuccessfully trying to convince Aimee that we need to get a dog—our Lab was stolen several years ago—it appears that fate has thrown us two. Tanner and Cooper, a Yorkshire Terrier and a Cockapoo. The dogs had been roaming the neighborhood for several weeks now and it wasn’t until last night that Aimee seemed to warm up enough to them to give them a bath and bring them indoors. The constant whining of the kids to keep them also helped. They seem to be a good fit: older dogs, calm and relaxed with a penchant for falling asleep in your lap. Though I’m not a fan of these two breeds, they really seem to be meshing well within the home environment and I’m finding myself warming up to them—the Yorkie in particular. I recommended at first to only keep the Yorkie as he is clearly the most calm and obedient of the two, but it is also quite clear that these two have been together for some time now—possibly since puppies. So they both stay. We’re going to put up a “Found Dogs” sign at the corner grocery this afternoon and with any luck at all, we won’t get a response. They aren’t the dogs I would have chosen, but maybe they’re just what we’ve been missing.