LakeHouse Season II

There Was No Crying

It’s refreshing to see the kids playing outside… nerf blasters, a big pile of dirt and a few well placed trees provided hours of entertainment today. The heat this Summer has made it, quite honestly, miserable to be outside for even a few minutes—suffice it to say, the kids have played a lot of video games this season. So, with the cooler temperatures of the last week, it’s been nice to see them get back to some good, clean, outdoor fun. Well, maybe not too clean.

A Good 3Days

This past Memorial Day Weekend was one the smoothest of recent memory…annnd relaxing. As per the norm, my days were completely fucked up—Sunday “feels like a” Saturday and Monday “feels like a” Sunday—and it was HOT.AS.HELL.

We spent Saturday Sunday with some great friends we hadn’t seen in awhile; lotsa drinks and “smokes” to go around, with a pool to cool off with and lounge in and around. Played Baggo… a silly little beanbag toss game that seems to have a sliding difficulty level based on how many drinks you’ve had—also turns out my 9yo Alec totally kicks ass at Baggo… beginners luck. And what day wouldn’t be complete in our lives without the screams, shrill laughing and tattle-taling from 7 children. Did I mention there were drinks and “smokes”?

Finished up with a great feast that Allan and Susan probably spent way too much time preparing for us. Thanks guys… Good times! 

Tanner and Cooper

After years of unsuccessfully trying to convince Aimee that we need to get a dog—our Lab was stolen several years ago—it appears that fate has thrown us two. Tanner and Cooper, a Yorkshire Terrier and a Cockapoo. The dogs had been roaming the neighborhood for several weeks now and it wasn’t until last night that Aimee seemed to warm up enough to them to give them a bath and bring them indoors. The constant whining of the kids to keep them also helped. They seem to be a good fit: older dogs, calm and relaxed with a penchant for falling asleep in your lap. Though I’m not a fan of these two breeds, they really seem to be meshing well within the home environment and I’m finding myself warming up to them—the Yorkie in particular. I recommended at first to only keep the Yorkie as he is clearly the most calm and obedient of the two, but it is also quite clear that these two have been together for some time now—possibly since puppies. So they both stay. We’re going to put up a “Found Dogs” sign at the corner grocery this afternoon and with any luck at all, we won’t get a response. They aren’t the dogs I would have chosen, but maybe they’re just what we’ve been missing.