My PitBull, Hatte. We found her abandoned—at 2 – 3 months of age—late Summer of 2010. She has since become the best dog we have ever owned.

We’ll Name Her Tessa

Fresh on the heels of revoking sanctuary to “the lost dogs”, my mother-in-law calls about a ‘Dorkie’—a Yorkshire Terrier/Dachsund—pup that is looking for a home… Did we want it? Yeah, we took the dog, and she’s a cute little thing; five weeks old and fits in the palm of your hands. Now, let’s hope the kids don’t crush her or confuse her for a stuffed toy and suffocate her in their sleep. Speaking of… I think she’ll sleep in our room until she grows a bit bigger. The last thing we need are the kids rolling over to a cold, stiff puppy one morning. The ‘lost dogs’ are still ghetto livin’ in the garage, which seems to suit them fine. That’s a good thing… because it suits me fine, too.