UnTwins 2010

UnTwins 2010

Destin, FLA

The hands-down favorite shot from our Florida vacation—Hope and Alec take the beach in Destin.

Alecs’ First Book Report

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The characters name is Gregory he has a horrible life and he wants to change it. Like his dad is trying to go on a diet but he gets extra cranky. One morning he accidently fell back to sleep trust me he’ll never make that mistake again. What he is trying to do is get on the air vent and he said it’s way better than in bed. But the problem is when it goes off he’s just laying on a cold piece of metal.

He has another brother named Rodrick he’s the biggest kid. So he’s really mean in one part Rodrick gets Gregory and sticks his head in his armpit and I bet it stinks really bad. Also in another part Gregory goes into his room and Rodick said he is going to kill him. But this uther charecter named Heffly grabs his leg and says to Gregory run. Then Rodrick says get off baby hippo and it was funny.

Almost in the end of the book Gregory is trying for the comic. But Heffly gets in and it makes him sad. So he’s stuck with hall monitor. But one day they’re walking on the side walk these mean teenagers are coming by and Gregory throws all the children in a big ditch and they don’t see them. But a mean old lady sees him and boy does he get in trouble. He loses his job and at the end of the book they get in the yearbook for cutest friends.

Could You Move It Down, Mister?

I know the sound safety-glass makes as it shatters. I heard it when my rear window was broken a few months ago and I heard it today—PUNPK. The problem was: today, I was doing the breaking… and it wasn’t my car.
They parked right beside me—right fucking beside me! I can’t speak for everyone, but if I pull into a parking lot and see a guy trimming grass on an island, I’m parking somewhere far away from him. But no, not this guy. Yep, he parked right next to the island I was trimming—string trimmer screaming full throttle, grass clippings flying everywhere.

“This one”, he thought. “This one, right next to that guy spewing shit everywhere with his string trimmer.” Never mind the noise… what could possibly happen?

I’ll tell you what could possibly happen… you’ll lose your fucking window—and leave the scene with a few stinging welts about your arms and neck. And that’s exactly what happened…

I never even saw the guy pull in… I was trimming around the base of an ornamental tree—with a perimeter mound of mulch—paying close attention not to throw any mulch bits against my legs. I was walking backwards, tapering the edge around the mulch when, PUNPK! There it was. I whip around, thinking to myself, “What the…?” I knew it was car glass, but how?! No one parks here while I’m working—no intelligent person. But there he was, rubbing his arm and neck and looking at a shattered passenger window.

“Did I just do that?!”, I asked him. Thinking to myself, “You stupid fuck! Why in the Hell would you park here?!” “Yeah…”, he answered, looking shocked. I glanced over the hood of his car to see the dozen or so empty parking spaces and said, “Geez, you parked it pretty close to me, huh?” “Well, my office is just through there”, he said while gesturing to an business entrance about 20 feet away. Fucking great—he works here. No. He didn’t just work here—he owned it.

I paid for the window… took me an hour to find someone that would come out to replace it in the four-hours I had to work with, but it got replaced. Having done lawn maintenance for six-years now without a single broken window or sprinkler head—knock on wood—it was bound to happen at some point. And it did.

On the brightside, I thought of a great idea for a t-shirt that might help prevent such a thing from happening again—a t-shirt that reads: Keep back 50 feet. Not responsible for broken glass. Sure, it wouldn’t save me from having to replace a broken window or storm door, but it might make people think enough to park their vehicle a few spots down from me in the future.

A Good 3Days

This past Memorial Day Weekend was one the smoothest of recent memory…annnd relaxing. As per the norm, my days were completely fucked up—Sunday “feels like a” Saturday and Monday “feels like a” Sunday—and it was HOT.AS.HELL.

We spent Saturday Sunday with some great friends we hadn’t seen in awhile; lotsa drinks and “smokes” to go around, with a pool to cool off with and lounge in and around. Played Baggo… a silly little beanbag toss game that seems to have a sliding difficulty level based on how many drinks you’ve had—also turns out my 9yo Alec totally kicks ass at Baggo… beginners luck. And what day wouldn’t be complete in our lives without the screams, shrill laughing and tattle-taling from 7 children. Did I mention there were drinks and “smokes”?

Finished up with a great feast that Allan and Susan probably spent way too much time preparing for us. Thanks guys… Good times! 

The Deathly Hallows

Just finished the last of the ‘Harry Potter’ series—‘The Deathly Hallows’. Great book! Absolutely fantastic. I’m not ashamed to say that I can’t wait for the movie release. Bitch-Ass move by the studio to break it into two movies/three years.

Hipstamatic Love


The kids and I rode bikes to the elementary school this afternoon. We had a great play on the playground. ‘Hipstamatic’ was my friend.