LakeHouse Season II



My PitBull, Hatte. We found her abandoned—at 2 – 3 months of age—late Summer of 2010. She has since become the best dog we have ever owned.

A Toltec Field Trip


Alec and I finished his school project on Native American mound builders—complete with diorama. The diorama turned out much better than I had anticipated. Though it took the longest to create, I’m most proud of the fire pit.

There Was No Crying

It’s refreshing to see the kids playing outside… nerf blasters, a big pile of dirt and a few well placed trees provided hours of entertainment today. The heat this Summer has made it, quite honestly, miserable to be outside for even a few minutes—suffice it to say, the kids have played a lot of video games this season. So, with the cooler temperatures of the last week, it’s been nice to see them get back to some good, clean, outdoor fun. Well, maybe not too clean.

UnTwins 2010

UnTwins 2010

Destin, FLA

The hands-down favorite shot from our Florida vacation—Hope and Alec take the beach in Destin.