Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The characters name is Gregory he has a horrible life and he wants to change it. Like his dad is trying to go on a diet but he gets extra cranky. One morning he accidently fell back to sleep trust me he’ll never make that mistake again. What he is trying to do is get on the air vent and he said it’s way better than in bed. But the problem is when it goes off he’s just laying on a cold piece of metal.

He has another brother named Rodrick he’s the biggest kid. So he’s really mean in one part Rodrick gets Gregory and sticks his head in his armpit and I bet it stinks really bad. Also in another part Gregory goes into his room and Rodick said he is going to kill him. But this uther charecter named Heffly grabs his leg and says to Gregory run. Then Rodrick says get off baby hippo and it was funny.

Almost in the end of the book Gregory is trying for the comic. But Heffly gets in and it makes him sad. So he’s stuck with hall monitor. But one day they’re walking on the side walk these mean teenagers are coming by and Gregory throws all the children in a big ditch and they don’t see them. But a mean old lady sees him and boy does he get in trouble. He loses his job and at the end of the book they get in the yearbook for cutest friends.