The Deathly Hallows

Just finished the last of the ‘Harry Potter’ series—‘The Deathly Hallows’. Great book! Absolutely fantastic. I’m not ashamed to say that I can’t wait for the movie release. Bitch-Ass move by the studio to break it into two movies/three years.

Hipstamatic Love


The kids and I rode bikes to the elementary school this afternoon. We had a great play on the playground. ‘Hipstamatic’ was my friend.


What happened to ‘Weeds’? I used to love that show…’Weeds’ and ‘Dexter’. Two truly original shows that—in my opinion—just wound up at a dead end. The first few seasons of both shows were so fucking great, and then… fizzle. Disappointing. I mean, I get that you need new storylines, but do you have to make the central
focus of the entire season around the current guest star, kill ‘em
off and do it all again? Rinse.Lather.Repeat. What do I know, though. I don’t write TV. I still have ‘LOST’… for now.

We’ll Name Her Tessa

Fresh on the heels of revoking sanctuary to “the lost dogs”, my mother-in-law calls about a ‘Dorkie’—a Yorkshire Terrier/Dachsund—pup that is looking for a home… Did we want it? Yeah, we took the dog, and she’s a cute little thing; five weeks old and fits in the palm of your hands. Now, let’s hope the kids don’t crush her or confuse her for a stuffed toy and suffocate her in their sleep. Speaking of… I think she’ll sleep in our room until she grows a bit bigger. The last thing we need are the kids rolling over to a cold, stiff puppy one morning. The ‘lost dogs’ are still ghetto livin’ in the garage, which seems to suit them fine. That’s a good thing… because it suits me fine, too.

What Do You Dream?

“I dream that I’m the President of the United States of America. I will be honest, help others and do what I am told. People might think I won’t be able to do it but I think I can. I can study hard, help other people and do my chores. That is my dream of being the President of the United States of America. My plan on doing this is to learn how to be a president, learn all the presidents and see what they do to be a president. Presidents have to be fair, honest and smart and I’m all that stuff. I plan on being the president for 8 years that would be a pretty long time to be the president. The most important thing to do is to get good grades and study hard. Then I might be able to acomplish being the President of the United States of America. The problems I might have not had enough votes to be president or somebody might shoot me. People might not like me and not vote for me at all. I might not be able to be the president. I might already be dead when it’s time to run for president. Maybe I’ll forget my dream and not even want to be the President of the USA. It will be worth it. I would go through all of this just to be the president. My mom and dad will be proud. Then I might even be the President of the United States!! That is my dream of being the President of the United States.”                                                                                           — Alec (8 years)

Piss Poor Puppies

Remember the dogs we had acquired? Well, turns out they didn’t work so well as inside dogs. Apparently, they only seemed to like using the bathroom on my daughters bedroom rug—which obviously wasn’t going to work with us. The kids truly liked them and seemed heartbroken we told them that we would have to find new homes for them; so we have relegated them to the garage, which so far, has worked out nicely. I’ll have to admit that I too was a bit disappointed in their lack of being able to be house trained, but it is what it is—the kids get to keep the puppies and we get to enjoy our rugs… sans puppie-pee.