Sick Day… Not

Sick Day

This is what we do on a day home from school… a sick day. In her defense; she did have a fever the night before. However, that fever went away quickly on this warm, sunny afternoon. So we made the best of it and had fun.

The Knot Is Tied

Thirteen years ago my Mom calls me and tells me she’s met this great guy. His name is David and he is a carpenter. My mom had never been much of a dater since she and my dad divorced. Well, she didn’t date at all. I guess you could say she’d sworn off men, so to speak. So I was a bit surprised to hear of her news on her phone call. She wanted me to come meet him. So I did. David was nothing what I had expected. He was a very formidable looking man, standing 6’4 with the longest gray beard I had ever seen in person and a voice so deep it had to register on the richter scale. In contrast, my mom stands barely five feet and has the most docile look you’ll ever see in a human being. I was surprised to say the least… but happy that she was happy. He is the epitome of the grandpa your kids are frightened of, yet I can’t think of a grandkid that ran crying from him. With all of his burly gray hair, rumbling voice and giantesque height, my kids—and my sisters kids— love him to death. My mother and David are a great fit to one another and I wish them both continued happiness. I love you guys.

Tanner and Cooper

After years of unsuccessfully trying to convince Aimee that we need to get a dog—our Lab was stolen several years ago—it appears that fate has thrown us two. Tanner and Cooper, a Yorkshire Terrier and a Cockapoo. The dogs had been roaming the neighborhood for several weeks now and it wasn’t until last night that Aimee seemed to warm up enough to them to give them a bath and bring them indoors. The constant whining of the kids to keep them also helped. They seem to be a good fit: older dogs, calm and relaxed with a penchant for falling asleep in your lap. Though I’m not a fan of these two breeds, they really seem to be meshing well within the home environment and I’m finding myself warming up to them—the Yorkie in particular. I recommended at first to only keep the Yorkie as he is clearly the most calm and obedient of the two, but it is also quite clear that these two have been together for some time now—possibly since puppies. So they both stay. We’re going to put up a “Found Dogs” sign at the corner grocery this afternoon and with any luck at all, we won’t get a response. They aren’t the dogs I would have chosen, but maybe they’re just what we’ve been missing.